Phyllis N. Lake was born on a dairy farm in upstate New York. She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia, where she studied to become an elementary teacher with a minor in music. Ms. Lake has taught in New York, New Jersey and Warsaw, Poland. For several years she also worked as a freelance journalist, wrote for a daily paper, served as a director of a Senior Citizen Center and Meals on Wheels program.

Following her lifelong interest in reading and writing, Ms. Lake completed the Famous Writer’s Course while she was the mother of young children. After publishing To Be Three, Phyllis continued to write. She recently completed a new novel, My Cup of Tea, a Christian romance.

Currently, Phyllis working on a novel for children describing growing up on a dairy farm during World War II. She has also written other stories for children. To keep in touch with school age children, Phyllis teaches beginning piano to children. She was a substitute teacher in the local school until her recent retirement.

She is married to a retired pastor who served churches in New York and Warsaw, Poland. While living in Poland, she and her husband, Richard traveled throughout Europe. With a call to mission, Phyllis and Richard spent several months at an Honduran medical mission, where Phyllis taught missionary children. They continue to enjoy travel whenever possible.

Phyllis and her husband, Richard, after living for years in parsonages, now have a “home of their own.” Phyllis spends her spare time gardening in spring, summer and fall, and studying seed and garden catalogs during the winter. Together the Lakes enjoy cooking and entertaining friends.


My Cup of Tea, romance novel published 2013

To Be Three, romance novel published 2003

Pledge of Allegiance, article accepted for publication by Highlights for Children

Jurata of the Amber Palace, a Polish folk tale published by The Mailbox 2001

Pleasures of a Polish Easter, published by Catholic Digest, April 1995

Easter in Poland, published by Family Digest, March/April 1995

Daily news and features, Leader-Herald, Gloversville, NY, 1976-1981

Articles on local attractions, Mohawk Valley, USA, June 1980, September 1980

Articles on church concerns, The Church Herald,

October 1996, August 7, 1981, September 4, 1981, October 18, 1968

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