It has been two or three years since I last wrote in “lake afton.” I became busy with writing and studying. Then came COVID to disrupt all the things I considered necessary. I moved into a new residence which I share with my daughter and her wife, so I have fewer responsibilities, which one would think would inspire me to write more, but instead I’ve slowed to a near standstill. There are projects at my elbow that I don’t do.

Today, I looked at Word Press and thought perhaps it will help me find inspiration. The world is now in an uproar. Most of the people I know, have no concept what a World War would be like. I had been five when the Nazis invaded Poland, but that was far away and didn’t affect us in the United States. Then came Pearl Harbor. Even at age seven it upended our country and the way we saw the world. A close friend said she stood in the window of the living room all day waiting for the Japanese to come marching up road to their farm.

A young man from our neighborhood went to war. As a belly gunner, his plane was shot down and he didn’t come home. My cousin, who always teased me and who I adored, spent months in the South Pacific. We celebrated his return to the family.

World War II was visible only in the theaters as filmed short clips which were weeks if not months old when we saw them on the screen. Gas prices weren’t the major concern, instead people worried if they would have enough government issued coupons to buy gas to get to work. My aunt, my cousin’s mother, worked in a munitions factory and got there with a group from her village.

The price of groceries was not the major concern. It was would the store have the basics needed and would you have the coupons to get them. Everything was rationed: sugar, butter, meat, along with shoes, fabric, and clothing.

These are some of the thoughts that float through my mind as I watch the Putin trying to subdue the Ukrainians. We have nothing to complain about as long as the bombs don’t strike our homes.

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  1. I cannot imagine going through what the Ukrainians are enduring. It’s like Putin is saying “if I can’t have you, no one can” – and is working on total destruction of the country and its people.

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