I was away for some days. While I had good intentions of posting while away, I didn’t. We all know what road is paved with them.

I believe today’s poem was written after my husband and I visited the Washington Cathedral in our country’s capital city.



Stillness in shadow,
hints of purple glow;
Solid granite grey
holds, anchors spirit;
Lines flow parallel skyward,
tracks for hope;
Glossy soft light beams
from worn path in stone;
Solo sounds caress reds,
blues of sky tones,
Smooth melody accompanies
thoughts to questions;
Single notes embrace
sketchy creed, as
Fragile faith is nourished
in chapel solitude.

Richard E. Lake





My best dream and poem,
idea and friend;

My closest kindred spirit,
company and lover;

My deepest thought and hope,
fantasy and spice;

The fullness of my past,
meaning of my present,
purpose of my future;

Joy in my laughter,
music in my step,
color of my visions;

Flavor of my banquet,
vintage of my wine,
mystery of my love;

And, so very much more!

Richard E. Lake

DEVELOPING – continuing a series of poems

The lens of my soul catches the
brilliance of your
wide-eyed smile;

The film of my heart records an
inviting embrace, a
searching touch.

The lens of my soul watches the
iced-mink slenderness
of your happy walk.

The film of my heart captures the
mutual magic of
discovered fondness.

The lens of my souls senses the
warm cuddles of
your zest for living;

The film of my heart translates the
passion, the excitement
into shared dreams.
Richard E. Lake
14 September 1982