I have always been puzzled why the male of our species seemingly feels that they know best for the other half of the species.

Does a man have to change sanitary napkins or use tampons for three days to a week each month? Perhaps to understand the physical part of being a woman, every man should have to put tampons in their body for one week each month for one year. I’m sure after just one year they would have a greater understanding of a woman’s menstrual cycle

How does a man know the sorrow of a woman getting her period when she wants desperately to be pregnant?

What about the woman, who gets pregnant when she doesn’t want to be?

Does the man who got her pregnant throw up every morning for a month or more, or have to carry and bend over an extra twenty pounds in front of him for three or four months?

Is it to men to decide if a woman must have a baby, whether or not she will be able to care for him or her.

Not in my book. I speak from experience. My first pregnancy ended late in the ninth month with a still birth. Two years later I praised God when I gave birth to my son, who was healthy but required to have a blood change in his first five hours of life. A few years later I miscarried. Then once again I carried a baby for nine months. I gave birth to a dead baby. My husband agreed that another pregnancy would do great mental and emotional damage to our family.

We happily adopted our daughter two years later. We were never sorry, only thankful.



One thought on “I DON’T GET IT!

  1. And yet, men make those decisions all the time, and we’ve gone along with it. We won’t be treated as equal human beings until we share half the seats in Congress.

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