Resolutions: Old or New

Is it too late to come up with New Year’s Resolutions?

Have two.

One, I will blog more consistently. So I’m already behind here. How about twice a month, rather than once a week? Perhaps I can do this. I will try. Sometimes, probably usually, it’s just that I don’t open a new document and type an  idea that’s been floating around in my brain.

Two, I will get my manuscripts out to agents and editors. I find this more difficult than writing the story to begin with. I don’t mind editing and rewriting. I see my manuscripts and writing improving as I do them. But preparing that query, synopsis, cover letter? Those are very difficult.


As I contemplated what I’d do today, I studied the photo of my great grandfather Van Steenbergh that hangs in my bedroom. He was born in 1849.  His great great grandfather Van Steenberghen was born in New York in 1704.  How different were their lives than mine. How different my great grandchildren’s lives will be. Each generation has its own tale of modernity.

My great grandfather traveled mainly by horse and buggy, although cars were popular when he died in 1935.  In my lifetime local travel has always been driven vehicles and planes for long distance. Now driverless vehicles are new.

Who knows what local travel will be for my great grandchildren. I have long dreamed of travel on a highway in a vehicle that would be primarily on a highway to take you from place to place while as a passenger I read, talk, play a game or nap. Then at my destination, my vehicle would be exited on a ramp where I would take control to go to a particular address. All of this technology is available now. Then again travel might be something yet undreamed.



2 thoughts on “Resolutions: Old or New

  1. I have little faith in resolutions. I often resolve to change this or that about me, yet I have survived these many years without being struck by lightning despite my consistent failure to stick to those resolutions. As to modes of travel, I’m still hoping for that Magic Carpet.

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