Today I sat in my warm living room and drank my coffee. Outside the snow had started coming down. My weather radio warned drivers of slippery roads and blowing snow. It also warned of very low temperatures for tomorrow morning that could give frostbite to exposed skin in just ten minutes.

Twice during the day, I put on boots, coat, hat, and mittens. On my small back porch I scraped off the snow, so I could have egress from that end of my house. The front has a large covered porch and is easily accessible.

I contemplated how I would feel if I could not leave my home. How would the warnings and snow make me feel?

Would I simply feel alone or would I feel isolated?

Feeling isolated could be frightening. What could I do to negate the feeling?

I could have turned on the TV and let newscasters or entertainers keep me company. Other than checking on the weather station a couple of times, I didn’t do that.

I decided I needed exercise. I hate doing exercises. So I sat down at the piano and played music I knew and some that I didn’t. I need to practice more.

Finally, I decided I needed another world to inhabit temporarily. How could I do that? Choose a book and  read.  I chose not a great book that I couldn’t put down, but one that answered the temporary need.

So, if you are feeling alone or isolated these are my suggestions.



2 thoughts on “ALONE OR ISOLATED: READ

  1. We are dry and in the 40s, so I was not kept in by the weather, but by a rearranging project that caused to spend a good part of my day shoving furniture from here to there. Shasta and I did take our standard short walk in the afternoon.

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