How is it that the weather can be a controlling factor in what I do each day?

As a kid and as a teacher a snow day meant staying home leaving me with hours to fill. It would be a play day—one to watch TV, knit, put a puzzle together, or some other entertainment. It was not a day that I‘d spend cleaning house, doing laundry, or catching upon work.

Even after being retired, I continued that pattern. When the snow portended a shut down of business and schools, it was time to watch the Weather Channel. Where was the storm going to drop the most snow? What I should fix to eat. Intemperate weather seems to make me hungrier than usual. I have a friend, when faced with low winter temperatures, turns on the oven and bakes.

The same thing is true in the summer when the temperatures soar above 90 degrees and the humidity seems to match. I retreat indoors with the windows and doors closed, and the air conditioner cooling the air to comfort.

I no longer treat the day as an ordinary one where I spend my morning writing. My mind says you can sit at your computer and write, but I find it hard to do. I can’t sit outside with my laptop, my office is not air-conditioned. I turn on the TV weather. How hot is it going to be? Will we have storms?

Weather. How does it affect you?


One thought on “WEATHER OR NOT

  1. Like you, it brings me to a screeching halt, although that happens more with heat than snow for me. I become jello in the heat, wilted and settling into a blob.

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