Granpa Levi Miles Jr.

After dedicating four das to finding gravestones around eastern part and the southern tier New York State, I think my genealogy itch has been scratched.

My daughter and I scrambled up and down the hilly cemeteries in McClure, Deposit, Hambletville, and New York City reservoir land.

The last to me was the most interesting simply because it contains all the graves had been disinterred and reburied to allow the dams and reservoirs to be built to take water to New York City. Two dams were built in the southern tier to back up the water from the east and west branches of the Delaware River.

Land, where people lived, loved, married, had children, went to school and church, farmed, milked cows, ran tractors, sold groceries, medicines, and ice cream, is now under water. In years of drought, foundations of building can be seen in the low water levels.

The newest of the dams is Cannonsville. When I was in high school, many students came from there. If a snow storm which looked like it was going to pile up quickly came, the Cannonsville students would be the first ones dismissed and put on buses to go home. It was the longest of the school bus runs.

In each of the cemeteries we found stones of my grandparents. One pair of stones mark the graves of my third great grandparents( born in 1789 and 1790) and fifth generation great grandparents for my young grandsons.

So for now, I’ve scratched that itch—until the next time.

Pictures: top, Levi Miles Jr., greatgrandfather; middle, Obadiah M. & Mary Ann Culver Neff, greatgrandparents; Ernest C. & Nancy Annette Miles Neff, grandparents.


Ernest C. & Nancy Annette Miles Neffm




My daughter and I are taking a trip.

“Oh yes?” friends respond. “Where are you going?”

“Searching out cemeteries.” My answer gets strange looks.

This is the continuation of my addiction of searching out my genealogy. When my daughter said we should take a couple of days for a trip,we thought about California to visit friends and relatives, but that turned out to be expensive because of our lack of  early planning. So this will be a New York State cemetery and genealogical record road trip.

For several years I’ve searched for a connection between my second great grandfather Jacob B. Neff and earlier Neff residents of Montgomery County, New York, who came from Switzerland in the 1600s. Perhaps I can find some help on our trip.

Genealogy has become a hobby for some and obsession for others. Yes, I’ve spent hours on Every now and then I find something new. A year ago I drew a tree of seven generations with me at the bottom on one line. At the top are lines for 64 people. Only a few of them are filled in.

We intend to look for and visit the graves of some of those people who came before me and made me who I am today.