This past weekend, yesterday and today have been weather days for me. Weather days are those when I watch the weather and hibernate. I seem to accomplish almost nothing on my “to do” list. They are almost a vacation, except I feel guilty about what I intended to do, but have left undone. Nothing is driving me.

Our weather has been peculiar. We went from a low of ten below Zero on Sunday morning to over fifty and rain today.

I certainly could have written a blog. It was on my list. I could have read my current book, and/or new magazines. I could have edited more pages of my memoir. Other “could haves and didn’ts.”

Having said this, I did attend and enjoy our consistory retreat on Saturday. I did go to church. I enjoyed having my children and grandchildren here for a Valentine’s Day party and dinner afterward. My daughter and I went grocery shopping yesterday. Now I must leave for Lenten study and lunch.

Can I blame my malaise on the changeable weather?

One thought on “WEATHER MALAISE

  1. Absolutely you can! I think we need some times of doing nothing every so often. You will note the world did not end, and your to do list is still there.

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