At six this morning, I woke to a cold house. The thermostat said 50 degrees. Now I wait for the furnace repairman to arrive—shortly, I hope.
I am not cold. In multi-layers of warm clothes, I have an electric fireplace and a small electric heater. I also have two children nearby, if I need them. So, I am fine.
But, what if? What if I didn’t have fuel? Or unable to pay for service? Or had no supplementary heat source? Or lacked a supply of warm clothing? Or didn’t have nearby children and friends?
This weekend the Northeast is expecting snow and high winds. We need to be aware of those people around us, who do not have my advantages.
Check on your neighbor who lives alone. Watch for the homeless person or family who may be living in a vehicle.
We’re called to do what we can or call someone else who can help. God teaches us that we must care for those in need.

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