Dark Skies

Wanderings of an Elusive Mind

I feel like the skies over our world have darkened, obliterating any light that might come through, threatening the future for all of us. The news is bleak.
2012 06 24_2933

The news from Paris is frightening, the inhumanity of mankind is frightening, extremism seems to be running rampant. It makes me wonder if there is any hope for mankind. It’s as if we are reliving the horrors of 9/11.

The knee-jerk reactions from the powers that be are also frightening to me. The response to the horror in Paris is to inflict more horror upon Syria and other countries where ISIS is destroying life. The governors of Alabama and Michigan have said they will not take immigrants from Syria – because one of the terrorists in Paris came into France with a stream of immigrants. But does that make all immigrants a threat to us? Aren’t the majority of them simply trying…

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