Autumn 2013

For me, this autumn was difficult. My husband and I moved in August. Settling is a long process and not finished. Some boxes remain a mystery. Some things I’ve wanted to use haven’t reappeared. We have everything we need, yet ….where is my pastry cutter? Did I throw it away, sell it, or is it in a box?

My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. That combined with the residual effects of Guillain Barre leave him unable to walk without help. Steps to leave the house keep us, particularly him, from going out of the house without someone to take him both down and up again in the wheelchair. We are hoping a lift will soon be installed to help. 

As a writer I’ve not be able to settle into a routine to write. I lie in bed and rewrite the books I have in process, but the ideas haven’t come to fruition. Joining a critique group has given me an outlet to read my work and seek direction, but, again I’ve not acted on those directions.

With the coming of 2014, my resolution is to put my fingers on the keyboard, to find that time I know I have, time that I’ve spent watching the same news over and over on TV, time I’ve spent leafing through catalogs for things I neither need nor want. The second resolution is do those things that will transform our house into a cozy home. 

Autumn is over. The winter solstice is past. Spring is on its way.

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” (Shelley) 



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