To Be Three – An Excerpt


Mary Overton has broken away from her parents’ Manhattan home, and escaped the humiliation of having fallen in love with a married man .She has a new teaching position – and a new life – in Kings City, a small upstate city on the Hudson River.

Jordan Roberts, a Protestant minister, and his daughter, Naomi, have recently moved from a village parish to Kings City. Jordan is still grieving the loss of his wife, Ellen, who was killed in a car crash.

When Naomi lands in Mary’s fifth grade class, Mary meets Jordan. Despite her determination to avoid a new relationship she is drawn to Jordan and his lively ten-year-old daughter. Jordan’s growing love for Mary brings revitalization to Jordan and his ministry.

Naomi, too is rewarded with a father like the one she had known before her mother’s accident.

She begins to pray she will be part of a family of three again.

TO BE THREE is available through Amazon .com Book Cover
© Copyright 2010 Phyllis N. Lake.  All rights reserved.

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